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Impact Resistant vs. Standard Windows


What’s The Difference?

It’s more than just dollars and cents. Whether you are looking to upgrade the efficiency, safety, security, or the appearance of your windows and doors, what might make sense budget-wise now can prove more costly later.

The Florida Building Code has set specific requirements designed to ensure the safety of your loved ones from shatter glass or worse. It’s your choice to raise those standards as much as your budget will allow. Why? Because unprotected standard windows will not protect you when devastating storms hit.

One Option: Hurricane shutters – which require you to put them, take them down, and have a place to store them in between the threat of hurricanes.

Best Option: Impact-Resistant Windows
Once they are installed they are ready to do what they are designed to do — to protect you and your loved ones from weather or intruders from getting inside your home!


Other benefits of Impact-Resistant Windows:

• Laminated layered construction prevents devastating breakthroughs.
• Provides UV protection.
• Substantially reduces loud and annoying outside noises.
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• Proven and certified energy-efficiency.
• Reduced utility bills.
• Additional insulation.
• Eligible for insurance premium discounts and/or tax breaks.
• Eligible for Alenco Window Prices
• Lowers carbon footprint of residence.

Best of all, you’ll know when the dark storm clouds are gone by the beautiful light shining through your new windows.