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How to Choose a Contractor

How To Choose A Contractor



Doing your due diligence before signing a contract for any product or service is your responsibility. The more you know about a contractor, the easier it is to create a mutually beneficial business relationship.

For your convenience we compiled this list of questions to help you understand what you need to know before signing a contract.

Have the Contractor Tell You:

How long have you been in business as a window and door contractor?
I’d like to see some sample products up close, how do I get to your showroom?
Could you tell me about the business organizations you belong to and how long you’ve been a member?
What is the easiest way to get a copy of your company’s Better Business Bureau Report?
With all the manufacturers you represent, are you an authorized dealer for all of their products?
Do you guarantee you will be available to replace, repair, and service any items I decide to buy?

Your Protection is Why They Are Required to be Licensed and Insured:

Do you hold any other licenses besides General Contractor or Glazing Contractor?
Verifying what you tell me is important, so when I check it out, will I find that it is valid?
Have you had any registered complaints made against your company?
What did you do to resolve these complaints?
Who is the licensed Contractor of Record for your company?Woman with question marks on grey background Does that person legally qualify your company to enter into a contract and perform the work?
When do I get a copy of the Contractor’s License for my records?
The same goes for the proof of your Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance, when do I get those?

Project Experience and Good Reputations:

Could you provide me with the contact information from at least three (3) previous satisfied customers?
I prefer to deal with companies who specialized in the type of windows and doors I am looking to purchase and that they have at six (6) of doing those kinds of installation projects. Does your company meet that requirement?
I see by your website that your service a large area. How many projects have been completed in my town?

Who Will Be Doing The On-site Work?

Do you use sub-contractors or your own experienced team of installation technicians?
If it’s subcontractors, I want to make sure they have all the right insurance and licenses to do the work. If they do, when will I see proof of these items?
I want the best possible results, so whoever is doing the installation, have they properly trained by the manufacturer on all the correct installation procedures?
I know that it’s not just taking out the old and putting in the new, my concern is about the other repairs to the surrounding stucco, drywall, bucking and window sills will need to be done. Are these included?
What can I expect as the additional charges for the necessary sill and framing (buck) work?

Staying In Compliance With Permitting and Inspection Requirements:

Since you are the expert, do you do all the necessary engineering and permitting?
What is the approximate line item cost my municipality charges for a permit to cover the scope of my project?
Do you take full responsibility to schedule the final inspection with the proper authority?
If the inspector has any questions during any of the required inspections, will you or a company representative be here to answer them?

Product and Work Warrantees:

I will need copies of all installation and product warrantees. When will I get them?
Are there any time restrictions on installation warranty provided by your company?
I will need a copy of the product approvals for my records. When will I get those?

Get All Project Details Written Into Your Contract:

When I read through your contract will it outline everything I need to know about the work, products, costs, and completion date?
What exclusions do you specifically have in your contract, and how do they related to certain surround materials and clean up?
What sort of payment plan am I eligible for, what other options are there, and what are the details of each?